About Brainy Writers

         Brainy Writers is all about writing papers. We write different types of papers from diverse fields. We are specialists in academic writing, content writing and professional writing (formatting resumes, writing reviews, preparing professional reports, et cetera). Academic writing involves all manner of assignments from any course you can think of - Engineering, History, Mathematics, English, Literature, Psychology, etc. Each paper is different in its own respect. There is no standard number of pages. Some papers can be as short as 1 page while others can be as long as 100 pages. In short, the requirements for each order are usually unique to that order.

         Your work as a writer will mainly involve using search engines such as Google to look for materials and literature and finally compile your paper. You may also consult books, journals, magazines, etc. However, you cannot copy and paste materials directly from the internet or books as this amounts to plagiarism. You are required to give due credit to sources of information used to compile your paper by adequately referencing them. The payment varies depending on the type of task, its complexity and deadline. However, we offer rates ranging from $3 to $19 per page. Unless otherwise specified by the client, a page consists of a minimum of 275 words and should be double spaced and formatted in Font 12 Times New Roman or Arial. If you consider the fact that you can write several pages in a day, this might be an opportunity you do not want to pass.

         The beauty of it all is the flexibility that comes with the position of a writer. You can work from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Orders are always available even at night and during weekends. You also get to choose what orders you will work on. After you have registered and we have accepted you as one of our writers, you will be able to login to our site, view available orders and apply for the ones you believe you can handle within the given timeframe. No one forces you to work and there is no standard number of pages you are supposed to deliver per day. You only work when you feel you have enough free time. However, once an order is assigned to you, please make sure to deliver a high-quality paper on time.

         We do our best to create a conducive environment for our writers. In return, we expect professionalism and cooperation. Our customers demand high quality papers and we count on our writers to deliver as per our clients' expectations. Cases of poor grammar, plagiarism, wrong formatting, lateness, or any other feature indicative of shoddy work are taken seriously. Please look at our terms and conditions for more.

         By now, you might be asking yourself "How do I receive payment?" We normally use MPesa and Zap to effect payment. We pay twice every month. Our first payment period is between the 20th and 25th dates of a month. The next payment period is between the 5th and 10th dates of a month. However, due to charges imposed by MPesa and Zap for sending and receiving money, we cannot effect payment via these methods if the total amount does not exceed a certain limit. These limits are defined in the payment details section of our terms and conditions. In the event that the total amount a writer has made during a certain payment period doesn't exceed the defined limit of the preferred payment method, the writer can choose another payment method or wait for the next payment period.

Benefits of being a Brainy Writers Writer

  1. Only your academic knowledge and experience are needed. We won't ask you for any entrance fees or charge you for anything. We only require your details and the knowledge that you already possess.
  2. Flexibility - You can work from anywhere during your free time as long as you can access internet.
  3. Regular, fast and convenient payment methods via MPesa and Zap
  4. Very flexible system that shows you the status of your orders and the total amount you have made at any given time.

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